Bella La Cava is a technologically advanced human colony in the Vela Sector of the Perseus Quadrant. Nearly a billion people live there. It was re-charted by the Pathfinder Ship Sapphire.

Geography and Climate Edit

Bella La Cava orbits a double system of two G-Type stars, which gives the entire planet a warm, sub-tropical climate. It has eight moons, but only four are prominent in the night sky, and only six are visible to the naked eye. None of its moons are life-supporting.

There is one large continent on Bella La Cava, Vought. Parts of Vought are arid desert. There is a polar chain of mountains on which it snows once a century. There are a number of large islands on the planet on which most of the population lives.


The planet has thriving technological human civilization and has adapted readily to the promises of space flight. Total planetary population is just under 1 billion people. The planet’s largest city is Shalimar, a metropolis of 8 million located on the eastern shore of Vought continent.

Each of the large islands has an independent governing body which, although their structures vary, are all elected representative bodies of the people. Vought Continent has eighteen sovereign territories on it, each anchored by a large city. These Continental Territories, similarly, have independent elected representative governments. Human rights throughout the planet are assured by a Charter of Basic Social and Economic Rights.

The desert expanses of Vought continent, in contrast, are a lawless outback. The Continental Governments maintain security forces to patrol the interior and protect their sovereign territories.

The planet’s history during the Great Silence was somewhat bloody. Several despotic regimes arose among the various states of the planet; sometimes leading to war.

During the Second Aurelian War, Bella La Cava was attacked and occupied by the Aurelians. The Aurelians were driven off the planet some years later in the face of stiff and constant resistance from ground forces.

Since its rediscovery, Bella La Cava has become a part of the Free Worlds Alliance. It maintains a small fleet of Fast Attack Corvettes, and it contributes crews to Explorer and Defender Ships via the Space Exploration Alliance.

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