Nevalah was a city on the planet Gethsemane. had been built on the clifftops overlooking coastal plain of one Gethsemane’s southern continents, just few ticks south of the planet’s equator. The city consisted of high narrow stone buildings, tightly packed and arranged with the precision of dominos in a pattern that left only narrow alleys between them.

In old Gethsemanian history, Nevalah had been a citadel that protected the settlements of the coastal plains from raiders. Located along one of the planet's primary sea-trade routes, the city's fortunes waxed and waned with the growth and contraction of planetary commerce. During the planet's Second Global War, Nevalah served as the headquaters for one of the Six Factions, and was nearly destroyed. The city was largely rebuilt in the decades that followed.

In the planet's latter days, Nevelah had become known as an outpost for illegal activity, including weapons trading,

Teams from the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus evacuated children from the city prior to the destruction of the planet in the 73rd Solar Century.

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