Place of Birth - Krockroft, Boreala, Sapphire Age at time of Launch: 36 Sapphirean Years

Ironhorse was attached the Pegasus's Flight Group 2 (Beta Flight), the Burning Skies.

He was born in the town of Krockroft on an island in Sapphire's Boreala Archipelago.

He was spiritual, and deeply philosophical, a walking guilt-trip in other words, and he had plenty to feel guilty about. Laughed only slightly less often than Executive Commander Lear . He had no family on board Pegasus but was infatuated with Eliza Jane Change . His infatuation is unrequited at the time of his death at the beginning of Book 6, but his death inspired Halo Jordan to pursue vengeance against his alien killers.

Paul Ironhorse is an homage to a character on the obscure War of Worlds SciFi series from the 1980s.