Wolf’s Head is an advanced and well-populated planet in the 77 821 Vulpecula System, where it occupies the fifth orbit out from an F-Class sun.



Wolf's Head was originally charted by the Survey Ship Okhotsk circa Solar Year 4400. It was colonized circa Solar Year 5,000 by the Jericho Consortium. Preparation for colonization began roughly a century earlier when orbital bombardment was used to clear a few areas of the planet for initial settlement.

Colonists were drawn to Wolf's Head by its abundant natural resources - the planet is rich in minerals and hydrocarbons. On the other hand, the planet's dynamic ecosystem has evolved the most rapacious predators in the galaxy. The planet's carnivores exhibit a degree of cunning, viciousness, and intelligence exhibited only in a few extraordinary species on other worlds. The ground, air, water, and even subsoil of the planet are home to thousands of species of dangerous predators; from airborne Ultra-Drakken that swoop out of the sky to claim unwary victims to subterranean Carnivermii that will pull a man under the ground and digest him into compost.

Wolf’s Head was re-charted by the Pathfinder Ship Lexington Keeler in the Sapphirean Year A.S. 7327.(Book Six: Crucible ; Book 11: Charlemagne )


Wolf's Head is a heavily forested planet, with small areas of desert, tundra, and savannah. The trees are abnormally large. Heights of 30-40 meters are typical. Tree growth is facilitated by the planet's mild climate outside the polar regions, abundant freshwater, nutrient-rich soil, and generous sunlight. There are also a number of active volcanic ranges and mountain ranges.

The planet Wolf's Head has seven continents.

· Akaria

· Cayne

· Mesaba

· Polaris

· Principia

· Roca

· Valta

The planet has a single large moon called Wolverine.


The Civilization of Wolf's Head has been shaped primarily by two factors: The planet's abundant natural resources and equally abundant predators.

The planet's cities are surrounded by fortifications as a defense against ground-based predators. Outside the fortifications are agricultural zones and smaller settlements, which are also fortified. The larger cities are linked by fortified highway systems. Most travelers along these highways travel in convoys, with heavily armed predator defense trucks at the front and rear. Intercity travel by night is discouraged. Maglev high-speed trains run under the highways. in tunnels fortified with concrete and alloy. Predators have been known to infiltrate the tunnels, and safety between transit points cannot be assured.

Even though Wolf's Head is considered a technologically advanced society, predation remains the most common cause of death among humans. Its predators adapt rapidly to counter-measures and are even capable of infiltrating its urban zones; although most casualties occur in the wilderness, in hunting parties, extraction camps, or agriculture zones.

Each of the seven continents is a Self-Governing Territory (SGT), and each has a distinctive, though essentially democratic, form of Government. Fire Tower, Principia is considered the planetary capital, but planetary government is limited to negotiating trade and settling disputes among the seven SGT's.

Approximately two billion people reside on Wolf's Head. Because of their renowned courage, strength, acuity, and prowess in hunting and tracking, Wolfheaders are well-regarded starship officers.

Extra-Planetary Relations

Wolf's Head is a Member of the Free World Alliance. It fields an extensive fleet of Fast Attack Corvettes and Frigates and participates, via the Space Exploration Consortium, on the construction and operation of Explorer and Defender ships. It's relations with the New Commonwealth are good. It maintains diplomatic outposts on many other worlds, including Sapphire, Republic, Independence, Denali, Bella La Cava, and the Chapultepec and Chapterhouse Starlocks.

Culture Edit

The Culture of Wolf's Head has been shaped, of course, by the constant conflict between man and predator. In the early days of the colony, it was all but impossible to maintain herds of domesticated animal, especially cattle, as they were not adapted to the rapacious predators of the planet and were wiped out quickly. Hunting became an essential survival skill, and assumed a central role in the culture. Ultimately, this gave rise to a social order dominated by males.

Probably because they were too busy fighting predators, the human inhabitants of Wolf's Head have seldom been in conflict with one another. Every three years, they hold what are known as 'The Combat Games,' which consist of (usually) non-lethal forms of Gladiatorial Combat.

Sex Slaves

By Custom, a woman whose life is saved by a man must become his concubine, even if either is mated to another through marriage. The man is likewise obligated to assume the role of her lifelong protector and defender. Naturally, this sort of custom is ripe for abuse, and the arrangement can be challenged by either party, and by the spouse and family of either party, and is subject to adjudication to determine that the rescue was legitimate and "devoid of conspiracy."

Women in such an arrangement enjoy privileged social status, including access to hunting parties, lodges, and other institution that are otherwise male-only.